& UWA.

An experiment in mobility

Being a uni student can mean that there’s a lot on your plate. Focusing on your education, balancing study with work commitments and an active social life, preparing for exams, completing assignments and attending lectures and tutorials. You know the deal.

The last thing you need is more worries and pressure when thinking about your moving around and between campuses.

At Whoosh, we’ve taken the time to listen to your issues and concerns about:

  • Missing classes or other activities because you can’t get to where you need to be on time
  • Feeling ‘stuck’ on campus
  • Not easily being able to run personal or work-related errands between classes
  • Having a negative impact on the environment

That’s why we’ve partnered with UWA to launch an on-campus shared mobility service that is the first of its kind in WA.

It’s all about providing you with a quick, convenient, and easy way to move around and between campus with our e-bike share service.

We hope that you enjoy Whoosh-ing around UWA!

Where you can get your move on…

We’ve placed mobility hubs at 6 locations around campus to offer you flexibility, ease and convenience to Whoosh around and get to where you need to be.